Jared and Sarah’s Reception.Pinnacle Vista Villa

Sarah’s sister, Megan, hired Digital Expressions Photo Stations in mid January 2013 to have a photo booth at Sarah’s wedding reception at Pinnacle Vista Villa.  The open photo booth is exactly what Megan, an event coordinator for Sun Valley in Utah, wanted.  In addition, their father made an amazing backdrop.  We placed a light grey backdrop behind the stand-alone backdrop.  Sarah’s dad personalized the backdrop by placing old pictures of family members onto the backdrop.  Especially touching was this man who had his picture taken with his deceased father, whose picture was on the backdrop.

Guest with a picture of his father

Guest with a picture of his father

The bride’s father offered the backdrop to Digital Expressions Photo Stations, and it was really cool that we could have personalized it for every event, but the only problem with the backdrop is the wireless clicker would not go through the wood so the guests could take their pictures.  My trainee, Terri, had to take the pictures when the guests were behind the backdrop. Look at the backdrop to the right where the guest is pointing to a picture of his father.  Now look at the next picture below.  The pictures on each side of the middle frame opened so there are three frames for people to look through.  Sarah’s dad also personalized the backdrop with a vintage chair, table, and lamp.  This was a pretty amazing setup.  I created a video of the pictures and in order to be able to see the people in the frames, I edited the pictures to bring the people closer. Pinnacle Vista Villa gives a very intimate atmosphere to a wedding reception.  Even without decorations, the venue looks very nice with the lights.  The bride’s cousin owns The Cake Baketress and she made three different cakes for the reception.

All three frames are open here.

All three frames are open here.

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