Apache Trail High School Prom 2016

Our fourth year at Red Mountain Country Club for Apache Trail‘s 2016 Prom was just as much fun as all the previous years.  Typically when we do these proms every year for the same school, we see the same kids come through every year and we’re able to watch their changes.  This year, the only new faces I remember are the teachers, who look forward to our Digital Expressions Photo Booth every year.  The kids who go to this school are the most polite and consider kids I have ever met and are most appreciative of all the pictures taken and printed.  Apache Trail High School is a loyal client and I always make sure we are available for their prom.


alt img=photo booth rentals Apache Trail Prom-104

Kailyn’s Graduation Party

One day I received an email from Kailyn’s mom inquiring about renting a photo booth for her daughter’s graduation party.  We emailed back and forth and then I finally told her I knew someone with the same name.  Her mom told me, “I wondered if that was you.”  It is a very small world — Connie and I work at the same place.  Connie’s daughter, Kailyn, graduated from McClintock High School so I used McClintock’s colors for her photo booth picturesThe event took place at Stars Ballroom in Mesa and our photo booth was set up in the perfect place in the hall.  Stars is a quaint and affordable venue that also hosts dance parties and I believe they rent out their hall for professional dance lessons.

alt img=photo booth rental in phoenix Kiesling Party-015



Nat’s Graduation Party

Digital Expressions Photo Booths met Natalie at Blythe’s Graduation Party two days prior.  It just happened to work out that we were available when Natalie’s mom, Katie, called, to see if we were available.  Nat graduated from Xavier High School and the boys who were at the party had graduated from Brophy Prep.  Katie chose a black and white variegated backdrop for Nat’s photo booth pictures and it was a perfect day to be outside.  The photo booth was so popular that Nat’s dad asked Digital Expressions Photo Booths to stay another hour.  Because Nat had been at Blythe’s graduation party, I used different props so the pictures would be different.  Nat’s mom and dad had the photo booth set up in the garage so when the guests came up, they would see the photo booth.

alt img=photo booth rental in phoenix Natalie Grad-018


Blythe’s Graduation Party

For Blythe’s backdrop for her graduation party, her mom chose our blue and white variegated backdrop for the photo booth.  This backdrop is one of my favorites and utilizes the colors for Xavier High School.  Blythe’s mom hired Digital Expressions Photo Booths for her company’s holiday party this past December and she liked the photo booth so much, she wanted the photo booth at her daughter’s graduation party.  We set the photo booth up on the back patio, in a perfect spot for the event.  We are in the middle of May in Arizona and the weather was perfect.  Although it was a little warm during the setup, as soon as the sun went behind the clouds and then went down, it actually cooled off — an anomaly in Arizona in the middle of May.

Blythe Graduation-014 alt img=photo booth rental

As we were getting ready to take our first picture, a man came up to us to say “Hi.”  I immediately recognized him and his family, because they had been guests at a wedding the previous weekend where we had been set up.

Carly and Madi’s Graduation Party

We had such a fun time at Carly and Madi’s graduation party.  They graduated from Corona Del Sol and their mothers really wanted something that would make their graduation party stand out.  From all the comments we heard, their mothers got it right.  A lot of their friends had photo booths for their graduation parties, but this graduation party was the only one that had their school’s colors for the photo booth background.  Congratulations, Carly and Madi, on the next phase of your life!

photo booth backgrounds
photo booth for graduation


Vista Grande High School Prom 2014

When Digital Expressions Photo Booths was hired for Vista Grande High School’s 2014 prom, we were very excited.  The theme was Escape to India and because I like to customize backdrops for events, I knew this backdrop was going to be more detailed than I had ever done  before (with the exception of the Lululemon kissing booth I made at Christmas).  After looking at different ideas, we finally selected the ideal backdrop for the prom.  I had everything I needed for the backdrop and what was especially cool was I was able to use the lights that I had purchased for our Christmas family photo shoot — and they are seen in the smaller picture.

indian photo booth backdrop alt img=photo booth rental for prom

I really like working jobs with kids who are polite and these kids were no exception.  With 350 people for two hours, not everyone was able to get their picture taken, but the ones that had had their pictures taken before let the ones who had not yet had their pictures taken yet.  From what I understand, the photographer has a photo booth but no attendants.  Her backdrop is white and the kids would be able to upload their pictures the next day (probably at a price).  With our booth, everyone got pictures and we printed about 450 pictures in two hours.  I don’t know — white backdrop or ours?  I think there is no choice.