Sedona’s Bat Mitzvah

Sedona’s mom and dad (Paula and Eric) booked our photo booth at the suggestion of Kristin at Orange Tree Golf Course.  I looked at the contract dated August 14, 2014 and all of a sudden, a year has passed.  We have had our photo booth rental set up in various locations at Orange Tree.  This time, we were set up in the ballroom in the corner.  It is perfect because we are out of the way, but everyone can see us.  Unlike the traditional cookie cutter photo booth that sits in a corner, the guests took pictures the entire time.  The only time pictures were not taken at the photo booth was during the candle lighting ceremony and speeches.

The theme of Sedona’s Bat Mitzvah was Dr. Who and Eric made a really cool Dr. Who teleporter that the kids went into.  There was even a light in the teleporter!  Paula had originally wanted a Dr. Who green screen but ultimately decided on the blue and white backdrop.  I think that visually, a fabric backdrop looks better, rather than having a green fabric backdrop.

The DJ and MC for Sedona’s Bat Mitzvah was Living Energy Events and Productions.  They were great!  The kids had a lot of fun and the DJ was dancing along with the kids.  Kristin, the event coordinator at Orange Tree is absolutely wonderful to work with.  Orange Tree Golf Course is one of our favorite venues.  She is very hands-on with the planning and throughout the setup, she was directing her staff to ensure the room was perfect prior to the guests coming into the room.

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Brandon and Sarah’s Wedding Photo Booth

Brandon and Sarah’s photo booth at their wedding reception at An Old Town Wedding and Event Center was scheduled to run from 5:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m., but because the guests were having so much fun, Brandon added an extra hour.  The wedding colors were mint green, blush pink, and brown, so I chose those colors in our background for the photo booth pictures.  Of course, any time our photo booths are outside, the sun and play a part.  Fortunately, as the sun went down, so did the wind — and so did the fun.  Brandon and Sarah only wanted frames for their props because they didn’t want their guests faces to be hidden in the pictures.  This surely did not minimize the fun they had.

An Old Town Wedding is a very quaint, family-owned, wedding venue.  The owners were extremely nice and prior to the ceremony, we had a chance to talk to them to learn how they started their business.

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Ritesh and Mahesha.Hyatt Gainey Golf Club

I have known Mahesha for most of her life and when she asked Digital Expressions Photo Booths to be the photo booth at her wedding reception, I was more than happy to do it.  We chose a beautiful gold backdrop for her pictures and the pictures were stunning.  What also made this wedding reception special for me was my oldest daughter was in the wedding and looked beautiful in a sari.  Mahesha looked beautiful and it was also great to see all of her friends that I have known for many years.

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TIA Off the Road Tire Conference

The Tire Industry Association had their Off the Road Conference at Westin La Paloma.  We were set up at the beginning of the conference when the guests would arrive.  The background was a green screen with the Off the Road Conference as the background.  Almost all of the people checking in were men and most of the men wanted to wait until their wives got their to get their pictures taken, some of whom were laying by the pool because of the beautiful weather.  For others, it took little coaxing, but when they saw the Viking helmet, a picture was taken.  This was our second visit to Westin La Paloma.  This time, we were set up in the lobby.  When we weren’t busy taking pictures, it was nice getting to know the ladies checking in the guests.

Almost all of the guests were from other parts of the country.  We met people from Moscow and Canada, as well.  The Tucson weather was beautiful and the guests from back east took advantage of being out of the snow and ice.

Tire Industry-012

Paul and Crystal’s Photo Booth Pictures

Paul and Crystal’s wedding reception was Digital Expressions Photo Boothsthird wedding at Sanctuary on Camelback Mountain. We decided to use our newest open photo booth that uses less space than our traditional open photo booth.  Paul and Crystal’s wedding colors were gold and navy blue, so Crystal chose the gold sequin backdrop for the photo booth pictures.  The DJ, DJ Nate, played fantastic music and I had the opportunity to meet him and his wife, another husband-wife team.  I love it when photographers come and take pictures at the photo booth.  I always email them their pictures for their website.  I believe in promoting locally-owned vendors.

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Haley’s Sweet 16 Birthday

Digital Expressions Photo Booths had a great time at Haley’s Sweet 16 birthday party.  Haley’s theme was Cinderella and her colors were gold, pink, and white and, as soon as I walked into Pearls Banquet Hall and the owner showed us where the photo booth rental would be set up, I knew what backdrop I would use for the pictures.  I always try to use any existing decorations in the photo booth pictures and her pictures turned out fantastic.  I used our original photo booth setup and the guests really appreciated getting their pictures printed right away.  I think the adults may have taken more pictures than the kids.

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Sam and Shelly.2-20-2017

One of my favorite things at weddings is listening to toasts and speeches guests give about the bride and groom.  This night was exceptional. When friends and family come to a wedding from all over the world, I know these people are special.  Sam and Shelly had a lovely and simple wedding at Legacy. Shelly decided to use the free photo album offered by Digital Expressions Photo Booths for her guest book — great idea that saved her money.  Shelly’s colors were red, black, silver, and white, and I love the silver backdrop she picked for her pictures and the photo booth template chosen all tied into the colors of her wedding.

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Photo Booth Rental Phoenix

Photo booth rentals have become extremely competitive in Phoenix.  When Digital Expressions Photo Booths started in 2010, there were just a handful of photo booth companies in the Valley and what our company did was offer something different than the traditional cookie cutter photo booth.  Throughout the years, other photo booth companies have popped up, but our prices have remained steady.  I refuse to let other photo booth rental companies drive down our prices, when I have tried so hard to establish our brand, “let us make your event memorable.”

Just recently, I booked two weddings and I appreciated the feedback I received from both clients.  One client told me a company wanted to charge $1,000 for two hours.  I’m sorry, but that is just too much.  This bride was extremely appreciative that she booked an affordable photo booth rental for $545 (half the price).  The other client was a bride’s mother, who told me she appreciated how genuine I was and that Digital Expressions Photo Booths was not a franchise, was locally owned, and that I guaranteed I would be at the wedding.  That personal service is what sets our photo booth rental apart from others.

Steven and Michelle’s Wedding Reception

Digital Expressions Photo Booths has set up many photo booths at San Marcos Golf Club.  Michelle and Steven’s photo booth was the first time we had set up in the upstairs ballroom.  I enjoyed meeting Glenn & Lilet Hamp, owners of Light Rain Images, the photographers for Michelle and Steven’s wedding.  It is fun for us to meet other husband/wife teams at events.  This particular day was challenging for us because as soon as we were finished with Michelle and Steven’s wedding, we had to book it to Tucson, with our other photo booth, for a Bar Mitzvah that would begin four hours later.  We made it to Tucson in time, with time to get a Crispy Calamari Salad in the restaurant. #photoboothrental #photoboothweddings #photoboothphoenix

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Cameron and Nicole’s NYE 2016

Setting our Digital Expressions Photo Booth up in any lobby of an event is my favorite place to set up.  Nicole and Cameron’s photo booth rental was set up outside the ballroom at Renaissance Hotel in Phoenix by the bar.  Guests also had to walk by the photo booth in order to go to the restroom so the photo booth was quite busy the entire night.  The photo booth was set to run from 9:00 p.m. to 11:00 p.m. and we were set up by 8:00 p.m. because there was a chance of rain and I wasn’t sure whether the guests would come down from the rooftop early. Because the grand entrance was schedule for 9:00 p.m. and the photo booth was supposed to start at 9:00 p.m., I did not think it was fair, or right, for Nicole’s photo booth to start at 9:00 p.m., so I started the photo booth when guests started arriving into the lobby.  This was a great decision on my part and is part of the customer service that Digital Expressions Photo Booths is famous for.

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