Photo Booth Backdrops

I am always thinking of ways to make our photo booth business better.  When we first started out, we had a paper backdrop (ivory in color).  Each roll of paper is about $100.  Although we could get our paper in any color, $100 for each roll, no matter how many uses I could get from a roll, is expensive.  I began researching fabric backdrops.  Most of the blogs I read were how to use a muslin backdrop or stain a muslin backdrop.  The muslin was still expensive so I kept looking for other alternatives that were cost effective and would still give a good look to the pictures.

I discovered that the size of a king-size sheet fit perfectly on our backdrop frame and obviously, they come in bigger selection of colors.   I also liked the way the crinkles in the fabric made the pictures look because they gave a nice dimension to the pictures.  We did this for about six to nine months, but then I had another idea. 

Ideas come in various ways.  When I was watching the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills last year, I noticed that Kyle Richards had an open photo booth at her white party and I liked the way the backdrop hung.  (Yes, I have been trying to reach her so I can have our photo station at her party).  I now hang up two panels of fabric where there would have been one because it adds a very nice dimension to the backdrop.  The fabric hangs like a theater curtain.  One thing I also do is get the fabric wet before I hang it, which makes the fabric hang very nicely.

I am always looking for new ideas to make our business interesting and fun.  I also discovered Rit fabric dye.  One of our photo booth jobs had an Amazon theme and, of course, our clients wanted a green backdrop.  Because I didn’t have the green fabric in stock and I couldn’t find the fabric anywhere, I bought some Rit fabric dye and dyed some white sheets.  I loved loved loved how the color turned out.

Double Booking Events

October 20, 2012 was a first for us.  I booked two events on the same day.  Deidre’s 18th birthday party went from 2:00 to 5:00 and Ashlee and John’s reception went from 6:00 to 9:00.  Since it takes time to set up, I am very thankful that our daughter, Shannon, helped.  Mike and I went to Deidre’s house and set up for the 2:00 party, Shannon showed up at 2:00, then I left at 3:00 to set up for Ashlee and John’s reception at Highland High School.  When Deidre’s birthday party was over, Shannon was able to go to work and Mike came to Highland High School to work with me at the reception.
I will admit that Mike was hesitant about this, but I had no doubt that booking two jobs in one day wouldn’t work.  I am thankful that my daughter was available.  We now have equipment to double book jobs.  The next task if finding dependable employees