Digital Expressions Photo Booths

Like all businesses, Digital Expressions Photo Booths started as an idea that grew.  Our daughter got married and had a photo booth at her wedding reception.  For two weeks after the wedding, I was thinking about this photo booth.  I had started businesses before and I thought this would be something fun that my husband and I could do together.  All I knew is that I loved the pictures and my family had a great time.  The one thing I knew above all else is that I wanted to provide a quality, affordable product for our clients.  The photo station company my daughter hired charged $1,200 for five hours.  My daughter negotiated them down to $1,000.  Weddings are expensive enough as it is and because we helped to pay for a wedding, we don’t believe in gouging brides or their families.  That is why we are keeping our prices affordable.

It has been fun working together with my husband in this because in every aspect of our life, we work very well together.  Now the rest is history.  We are so busy that we were having to turn away clients, but now we have enough equipment to double book.  I guess the sky’s the limit now.

I think what a lot of people do is just dream about what could be.  What I did was quit dreaming and take action.  I really did it and I’m so happy we did.  How many people just dream instead of act?  Probably more than we realize.


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