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Dario and Sylvia.Tucson Museum of Art

This was our biggest photo station job.  It was held at the Tucson Museum of Art, had 350 guests, one live band, and one DJ.  When we first looked at the venue with Sylvia, we had it all figured out where we would be set up.  The problem is, I forgot about the wind.  We had the paper backdrop by a gate and the wind was blowing, causing the paper backdrop to tear.  We ended up moving the backdrop stand up against a wall, which helped.  It wasn’t too long after that reception that we decided to try a fabric backdrop.

The bride’s colors were red and black, and boy, was she beautiful.  There were so many kids at the reception, and we sort of acted as the babysitter.  The kids just kept coming and coming and coming.  The line to get pictures taken was so long, and they just kept coming.  Good testament to how fun our photo station was that evening.