Jaclyn and Robert

When Digital Expressions Photo Booths was booked for Jaclyn and Robert’s wedding reception at The Views at Superstition in Gold Canyon, I was super excited.  I truly love going to new venues and introducing our photo booth to prospective venues.  The Views is such a quaint and adorable venue.  What struck me when we got there was the chairs were not the normal white plastic chairs, but were beautiful wooden seats.  This truly made a difference in the whole look of the room.  We were set up in a corner of the room and were busy the entire night with the guests taking pictures until the night was over.

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HOPE Group Anniversary Party

HOPE Group is an organization that provides an array of comprehensive Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) services for individuals diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder and other developmental or neurological disorders across the state of Arizona.  Digital Expressions Photo Booths was honored to be part of their 20-year Anniversary Party at the Ahwatukee Event Center last night.  The event had a Mardi Gras theme, so we used a really cute Mardi Gras template for the pictures that went with all of the decorations.

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Monument Valley’s 40-Year Class Reunion

Monument Valley High School’s 40-year class reunion was held at the Elks Lodge in Flagstaff.  I was looking forward to this event because I recently attended my 40-year class reunion in Broomfield, Colorado.  It took a little while for the photo booth to get started, but once it did, everybody had a blast taking pictures.  This time, instead of driving home, we stayed in Flagstaff for the night.

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Mitchell and Sarah Wedding Reception

Mitchell and Sarah’s wedding ceremony and reception was held at Estrella Vista Reception Center.  This was Digital Expressions Photo Booths second event at this venue.  The bride and groom were getting married in the same room as the reception, so when the ceremony began, the guests were already sitting at their tables.  Goldring Entertainment was the DJ for Sarah and Mitchell’s wedding and I had worked with them enough to know how busy they keep the guests with games.  Sarah and I had decided that the photo album that is included in the price would also be their guest book, which is why she wanted the photo booth to begin when the guests started arriving.  This actually worked out really well.  Sarah had only booked the photo booth for two hours and that was plenty of time for the guests to get their pictures taken prior to taking their seat.

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Photo Booth Rental in Phoenix

Digital Expressions Photo Booths has joined a few photo booth groups on Facebook.  Since we began our company in 2010, photo booth companies are popping up left and right.  When I see pictures of the photo booth/photo stations, I am struck by the minimalism of these booths.  The owner of one of the companies indicated she had to stand and hold the stand while people take pictures so nobody knocks it over.  To be real, people drink and when they drink, they don’t care about your camera or your monitor.  It is my job to protect my equipment and to stand by the camera to make sure people don’t knock it over is not professional, in my opinion.  Most of these pop up companies are also hiring help at $10.00 per hour (minimum wage).  Someone working for minimum wage is not going to care about the cost of the equipment.  They just want their money.

This is my new 2017 photo booth rental and it is less cluttering than our first photo booth from 2010.  Here, I have a table that protects the camera.  This wedding was at Legacy and was such a small wedding that I didn’t need stanchions, but for larger weddings, I will put two stanchions across the front of the monitor to hold off the crowd.

Digital Expressions Photo Booths is a well-established company in Phoenix and we have built a reputation of being honest and reputable. One of the biggest reasons we stay relevant is because my husband and I do all of our events.  Clients will pay a little more money, knowing the owner of the company is there.

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Aaron and Lindsay Photo Booth Pictures

Aaron and Lindsay’s wedding reception was Digital Expressions Photo Booth‘s fifth wedding at Stonebridge Manor.  Lindsay’s wedding colors were blush, white, and metal grey and since her photo booth strips were simple and mostly white, I chose to use grey as the background for the pictures.  There were 200 guests at the reception, so the photo booth rental stayed busy all night.  Thanks to my very good friend, Terri Matz, who referred her niece, Lindsay, to Digital Expressions.  Terri’s first referral to our photo booth company was for the Cox/Ethier wedding at the Windmill Winery, and I was able to see Nicole Cox again.  #photoboothrentalphoenix #photoboothrentalphoenix #openphotobooth

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Darren and Aly.5-6-2017

The best part of my photo booth rental business is being able to share it with my friends and family.  Our daughter, Aly, married the love of her life, Darren, at a beach ceremony at Catamaran Resort in San Diego yesterday.  Tess Fresh Flowers did a fantastic job with the flowers and they were absolutely beautiful.  As I sit here writing this post on May 7th, it is windy and rainy outside in San Diego and although it was cool and windy on the day of the ceremony (May 6th), the sun came out at 6:00 p.m. when the ceremony started.  I had to wear two hats yesterday — the mother of the bride and photo booth vendor.  Kayla at Simply Gorgeous Events was Aly and Darren’s day-of planner and she was absolutely the best.  Kayla was aware that I was the MOB and a vendor and really worked with me so I could get our photo booth rental set up for Aly and Darren’s special day.  Yesterday was the first time I didn’t man the photo booth, but I was in the room and monitored everything from time to time.  I loved waking up this morning to do the edits and looking at all of the pictures. #brideandcrume #photoboothrentalphoenix #photoboothrentalweddings

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Mark and Lauren Photo Booth

Lauren’s mom found Digital Expressions Photo Booth Rental for Mark and Lauren’s wedding reception at Sassi.  What a very cool place.  We were originally going to set up our large photo booth at the venue, but after looking at the pictures of the venue, I contacted the event coordinator and we both determined that our smaller photo booth would be better for the area.  We were set to start at 8:30 p.m. and when we turned on the light, our photo booth was taking pictures for the next three hours, until the reception ended.  #photoboothrental #photoboothrentalweddings #photoboothrentalphoenix


Declan and Urania Photo Booth Pictures.4-22-2017

Digital Expressions Photo Booth Rental had such a great time at Declan and Urania’s reception at Tempe Mission Palms.  Although the crowd wasn’t the largest group we have seen, they were sure the rowdiest.  They could not wait for the photo booth to begin and as soon as it did, the photo booth rental was non-stop busy with pictures.   I had just purchased a huge selection of photo booth templates and the colors matched perfectly with Urania’s wedding colors. #photoboothrentalphoenix #openphotoboothrental #photoboothrentalwedding

Rex and Heather Photo Booth Pictures

Rex and Heather used Digital Expressions Photo Booth Rental‘s enclosed photo booth for their backyard wedding reception.  For this wedding, the bride and groom used the free photo album included in the package price for their guest book.  When each guest came in to sign the guest book, I directed them to the photo booth to take pictures.  One picture went into the photo album/guest book and the guests took home the rest of the pictures.  The bride told me that all of the women wearing the light blue dresses were the women the bride went to high school with. #2heather4ever #photoboothrental #photoboothrentalphoenix #photoboothrentalwedding #enclosedphotobooth #outdoorwedding

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