Macy’s Call Center Award Ceremony

Macy’s Call Center had their award ceremony on March 20th, acknowledging the top 100 employees (out of 800) for their accomplishments.  The theme of the ceremony was “Make Magic Happen” and the employees took full advantage of taking pictures at the photo booth rental.  Digital Expressions Photo Booths was honored to be part of their ceremony.  I always enjoy listening to upper management praising their employees for jobs well done.

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Vi and Thao

Vi and Thao’s wedding reception was held at Blackstone Country Club in Peoria, an outdoor venue.  Digital Expressions Photo Booths follows Blackstone on Instagram and was very excited to visit this venue.  The weather initially called for rain and wind and fortunately, there was no rain.  Vi and Thao’s wedding colors were lilac and pink with some grey, so I chose this template for their photo booth pictures.  The couple also used our photo album as their guestbook.

Rebecca and Steve

Rebecca and Steve’s wedding and reception was held at Soho 63, one of our favorite venues.   This time, our photo booth rental was set up on the back patio just outside the reception room. This was a formal wedding and their wedding colors were silver, black, and white.  Congratulations, Rebecca and Steve!  #photoboothrentalphoenix #photoboothrental #puttinontherix

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John and Lyssa

John and Lyssa’s wedding and reception was held at Sonny’s Boxing Gym in Avondale.  This is a pretty cool place.  As we drove by, we could see the boxing area in the front, but in the back is a very large area for an event.  The outside courtyard is very large and was perfect for the photo booth and buffet.  This was the first time I had to worry about the rain, so we took a tarp just in case.  The groom’s mom, Rose, found Digital Expressions Photo Booths online and after interviewing a few companies, chose us for the photo booth rental fun.   #johnandlyssaswedding #photoboothrental #photoboothphoenix #photoboothrentalphoenix

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Sharnay and Seth

Seth and Sharnay’s wedding reception was Digital Expressions Photo Booths‘ second event at Las Sendas Golf Club.  There is a perfect location for our photo booth at this venue and we may become one of their preferred vendors.  The guests had a great time and were taking pictures, non-stop.  Their wedding colors were maroon, black, and silver, so I found a perfect template that incorporated all of their colors.  Seth and Sharnay are a beautiful couple and it was a pleasure to be part of their special day. #photoboothrentalphoenix #photoboothrental #photobooth

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Windermere Holiday Party 2017

Windermere Real Estate’s Holiday Party in Prescott was a huge success and the guests at the party embraced the photo booth experience, taking pictures non-stop for two hours.  The DJ, Dan Morganelli, with Quality DJ Services was fantastic.  He engaged with us and reminded the guests about the photo booth throughout the evening.  After we had packed up the photo booth rental and were leaving the party, everyone clapped their hands.  That is a first for me.  Looking forward to going back next year.

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Intel Holiday Party 2017

When a client books Digital Expressions Photo Booths every year, then I know we are doing something right.  This year was our fourth year doing Intel’s Holiday Party.  Intel’s theme was Evening With the Stars and our silver sequins backdrop worked perfectly with the red template for the pictures.  Our clients are loyal to us and we are loyal to them.

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Tony and Danielle Wedding Reception

When Danielle contacted Digital Expressions Photo Booths to book a photo booth for her wedding, she told me about a quote she had received from a competitor.  I asked her who the company was and when I researched their prices and what they offered, Danielle chose Digital Expressions Photo Booths.  Our photo booth was set up outside the reception and thankfully, the weather was nice.  Danielle and Tony’s wedding colors were purple and silver, but since Tony had wanted royal blue somehow incorporated into their wedding, the royal blue backdrop for the pictures was a perfect addition.  I am absolutely in love with this blue sequins backdrop.

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Sara and Andres Wedding Reception.11-11-2017

Digital Expressions Photo Booths was honored to be part of Sara and Andres’ wedding reception at Agave Event Center in Sedona (our second time there).  I love this venue for so many reasons.  It is such a quaint and lovely venue with a fantastic view of the red rocks of Sedona.  Our photo booth is also set up in a room where we have a lot of space to spread out.  Sara is in the Air Force and Andres is retired Air Force.  The DJ, Downtown Brown Productions played excellent music and said a beautiful prayer before dinner for our missing and passed military.  Our photo booth was set up by the buffet table, so we had the opportunity to have dinner, made by Fresh From the Kitchen.  It was fantastic.  I highly recommend Fresh From the Kitchen for anyone’s catering needs.

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