New Year’s Eve Photo Booth

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It doesn’t matter how many times we’re there, Digital Expressions Photo Booths has a great time at Union Public House in Tucson.  We have been their photo booth rental company for three years in a row for Halloween and New Year’s Eve.  This New Year’s Eve, it snowed and rained so we had to implement our backup plan and we set up at the entrance.  I was fortunate to have brought my heater fan and positioned myself below a heater.  Tucson is notorious for being colder than Phoenix and I made sure I bundled up.  It was quite cold, though — cold enough that it had started snowing and the wind didn’t help much.  That being said, the guests and employees of Union Public House had an amazing time.  It was fun to watch them run out, take pictures and wait for their pictures, and then run back into the bar to warm up.

photo booth rental in phoenix


Union Public House

This was our fourth event at Union Public House in two years.  I love going back twice per year and seeing the same faces.  Union Public House first hired Digital Expressions Open Photo Booths for their Halloween 2012 party and liked us so much that we keep going back.

Union Public House Photo Booth PIctures

Energy Design Systems.Scottsdale Waterfront

Energy Design Systems celebrated their 25-year anniversary on March 28th and asked Digital Expressions Photo Stations to have a photo booth at their event.  The event ran from 4:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. on a Thursday evening.  Energy Design Systems has been designing energy efficient mechanical and electrical  systems for more than 20 years.  It is the combination of their service  and the working relationships developed with their clients that give them a reputable presence in Arizona.

The owners and employees of Energy Design Systems.

The owners and employees of Energy Design Systems.

Jacque, one of the owners of Energy Design Systems, had their engineering department construct the background.  They made a sheet of logos depicting their 25-year anniversary.  I had the idea to frame the logos with black on each side and the marketing director thought this was a good idea.  I really like how the pictures turned out.

What struck me at this party were the comments made many of the contractors that came to the open house.  Everyone I heard said the economy is getting better and they were getting busier.  That was certainly nice for me to hear.

Apache Trail High School Prom.Red Mountain Ranch Golf Club

When the Vice President of the student counsel for Apache Trail High School contacted me, she was so excited, but she had to speak with the student counsel teacher regarding the photo booth.  It took a while and a lot of contact, but Apache Trail High School hired Digital Expressions Photo Stations to have a photo booth at their high school prom at Red Mountain Ranch Country Club.  This was our second photo booth at Red Mountain Ranch.

Apache Trail High School Photo Booth picture.

Apache Trail High School Photo Booth picture.

I had seen some hanging circles at a venue one day and thought these would be fun to make.  I sent the idea to the school with the thought I would do the same thing, except I would use the school’s colors.  Apache Trail’s school colors are red, purple, and gold.  I went to Joanne’s Fabrics and bought 2-1/2 inch punches, then I purchased some glitter paper in different shades of red and purple.  I connected the circles with fishing line and used a fishing weight at the bottom of each row to weigh down each row. The effect was beautiful.  No two background pictures were the same because the circles would turn with movement.  I also ended up using the same background for a birthday party a few weeks later.

While I’m working the computer, one person in particular is getting her picture taken. She looks very familiar and it turns out that she goes to my Jazzercise class.  We just didn’t recognize each other with our clothes on.

Parkview Elementary’s Spring Festival 2013

Parkview Elementary School had their 2013 Spring Festival and asked us to be part of the festival.  They had bean bag toss, the cookie monster, a fire truck, and helicopter.  We really had fun with the kids at the festival.  Tickets were sold and for two tickets, one picture could be taken at our photo station.  Kids love our props and we had the longest line of any booth.

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Parkview Elementary School Spring Festival 2013

It was a little windy and it was challenging to keep the backdrop frame from falling over (again).  It fell over when we first put it up, but that was before we pulled the sandbags out.  The wind died down a little after the sun went down.

I am not a big fan of selling tickets to have a picture taken at our photo station, but this was for a good cause and it was a fundraiser.  I just don’t like people to think that people have to pay for a pictures when they are taken.

Union Public House.New Year’s Eve 2012

The measure of how others like your business is if you’re hired a second time.  Steve, one of the owners of Union Public House, hired Digital Expressions Photo Stations to have a photobooth at their Halloween party.  Everyone liked us so much that he hired us for their New Year’s Eve 2012 party.  There were a couple of differences between both nights:  We were set up in a different area and we placed a Happy New Year’s Eve banner on the backdrop.  Seth enjoying the photobooth

Steve was unable to make it to the celebration because his wife was apparently very pregnant.  Not sure if she’s had her baby yet, but congratulations to Steve and his wife.  We look forward to being a party of many other events at Union Public House.

Union Public House.Halloween 2012

We get a lot of referrals from Tucson and our favorite gig in Tucson was at Union Public House on October 31, 2012.  Steve contacted Digital Expressions Photo Stations to take pictures at his one-year anniversary, which also happened to be on Whiskey Wednesday.  When Steve said there would be 800 to 1,000 people, he wasn’t kidding.  The employees kicked off the pictures, and apparently the guests wondered where the employees were since they weren’t getting waited on.  The employees were out on the back patio getting pictures taken at our photo station.  It was non stop for five hours.  We had two printers going, but with that number of people, we should have had three going.

Steve even posted the link to the pictures taken at his event on his Facebook page and the Yelp reviews are pretty impressive.  Steve also contacted Digital Expressions Photo Stations for his New Year’s Eve party.  This will be a three-printer event.