Matthew & Reyann’s Photo Booth Pictures

Julia Santa Maria hired Digital Expressions Photo Booths for Matthew and Reyann’s wedding reception at Aldea, because we were the photo booth at her mother’s wedding in 2014.  The one thing that popped out to me about her mother, Angela, was her smile.  This was our third reception at Aldea and this time, our photo booth was set up in the lobby — loved it!  First of all there was a lot of room for the guests and there was light.  The worst thing about taking apart a photo booth is doing it in the dark, but we had light.  The photo booth was set up right next to the restrooms and we had a steady stream of guests all night taking pictures.  At one point, the DJ may have wondered where everyone had gone.

img_0312 img_0242 img_0198 img_0153 img_0137 photo booth rental weddings


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