Jack and Elaine’s Wedding Reception

April 9th and 10th was a seriously busy and long weekend for Digital Expressions Photo Booths.  April 9th, we went to Tucson for Leslie and Mack’s wedding and on April 10th, we went to Sedona Golf Resort for Jack and Elaine’s wedding reception.  This was our fourth wedding reception at Sedona Golf Resort and we always set up on the outside patio.  This time, I was a little worried about if there was a backup plan because it had been raining quite hard in the Valley and Sedona.  When we got to the Resort, we realized there was no backup plan for us, so we were fortunate that the backdrop and electronic equipment were covered by the overhang, plus we were able to use the large umbrellas and sandbags to keep the rain out.  The good news is that the rain didn’t last that long.

The ceremony was set to begin at 4:00 p.m., and the photo booth was set to begin at 4:30 p.m.  When it started raining at 4:00, I was very impressed by how the employees all worked together in tandem to get the chairs from the outside to the inside for the ceremony.  The ceremony started right on time, therefore, the photo booth rental started right on schedule.  Elaine’s wedding colors were royal blue, orange, and red.  I exceptionally loved the orange against the blue.  Ray from Ray Mar Productions and Two Hearts as One Wedding, was the DJ and he also performed the ceremony.  During the breaks, Ray came outside to talk to us.  What a nice guy.  He especially loved the backdrop because he is a huge Mets fan.

Jack and Elaine-085 Jack and Elaine-091 Jack and Elaine-097

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