Matt and Pamela’s Wedding Reception

Matt and Pamela’s wedding reception was held in the Carriage House at Secret Garden in Mesa.  This was our first time at the Carriage House.  It was so cute and quaint — the perfect place for a small, intimate wedding and reception.  Digital Expressions Photo Booths partnered with Gold Ring Entertainment for this wedding reception.  The photo booth was originally going to be set up against the Carriage House, but when we got there, we noticed that if we had set up where originally planned, the photo booth would block the guests from parking in the back parking lot.  I am a big fan of natural backdrops and because it was a little windy that day (and the backdrop would be blowing around), the bride agreed to use the very large hedge as the backdrop for the photo booth pictures.  The photo booth started in the daytime and it will be clear to the viewer of the pictures when it became dark.  Since Matt and Pam’s wedding was on St. Patrick’s Day, the St. Patrick’s Day photo booth props were used quite often. #photoboothrental #photoboothrentalinphoenix #photoboothpartyrental #photoboothsecretgarden #secretgardenwedding

Matt and Pamela-080 alt img=photo booth pictures alt img=photo booth rental



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