Alonso’s 15th Birthday Party

Alonso’s 15th birthday party was the male equivalent of a quinceanera and the event was quite spectacular.  The party was held at Elements Events Center in Maricopa that is located next to Ultra-Star Multi-Tainment Center in Maricopa on the Ak-Chin Reservation.  Alonso’s colors were dark purple and black and the centerpieces Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.  Alonso and his friends choreographed a pretty cool dance for the guests.  The room was huge and because our Digital Expressions Photo Booths‘ rental was set up in the very back of the room, there were televisions set up throughout the room so the guests in the back could see what was going on in the front.  Since the photo booth was open (and not just a box sitting in a corner), the guests at the front of the room could watch the fun the guests were having in the photo booth.  The guests had so much fun taking pictures that Alonso’s mother added an extra hour to the photo booth rental.

alt img-photobooth rental in phoenix Alonso Chavez-297

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