Chris and Casey Wedding Reception

I know when I think of Prescott, Arizona (5,000 feet), I don’t consider the fact that the temperature can get up to 100 degrees, but it can.  On the flip side, when the sun goes down, the temperature cools off almost immediately.  We had the pleasure of going to Van Dickson Ranch a second time in one month — this time for Chris and Casey’s wedding reception.  Because of the breeze, the background for the photo booth pictures was the natural background, but this time, we were able to set the photo booth up going a different direction, resulting in a different background than the photo booth background from two weeks ago.

Digital Expressions Photo Booths partnered with Gold Ring Entertainment for Chris and Casey’s photo booth rental.  Gina does such a great job interacting with the guests with games and poems.

alt img=photo booth rental in phoenix Chris and Casey-019

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