Gary and Lori.Elks Club

For Gary and Lori’s wedding reception, Digital Expressions Photo Booths partnered with Gold Ring Entertainment.  This was our first time at the Elks Club and the setup for the photo booth was challenging.  We knew Gary and Lori were also getting married at the Elks Club so when we found out we had to set up the photo booth rental next to where the ceremony was to take place, my goal was to ensure that the wedding photographer’s pictures would not include the photo booth.

We had to set up next to where the ceremony was because there was no other alternative, but Lori and Gary didn’t mind.  Our setup is so clean, that it looked very nice and I was the only one who seemed to care that the photo booth was next to the ceremony chairs.  Therefore, I let it go and didn’t worry about it.

alt img=photo booth wedding rental alt img=photo booth rental

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