New Year’s Eve Photo Booth

photo booth rental in phoenix

It doesn’t matter how many times we’re there, Digital Expressions Photo Booths has a great time at Union Public House in Tucson.  We have been their photo booth rental company for three years in a row for Halloween and New Year’s Eve.  This New Year’s Eve, it snowed and rained so we had to implement our backup plan and we set up at the entrance.  I was fortunate to have brought my heater fan and positioned myself below a heater.  Tucson is notorious for being colder than Phoenix and I made sure I bundled up.  It was quite cold, though — cold enough that it had started snowing and the wind didn’t help much.  That being said, the guests and employees of Union Public House had an amazing time.  It was fun to watch them run out, take pictures and wait for their pictures, and then run back into the bar to warm up.

photo booth rental in phoenix

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