Eddie and Lindsey.Saguaro Buttes Community Church

I remember when Lindsey’s mother hired Digital Expressions Photo Booths for Lindsey and Eddie’s wedding.  She was so excited.  I love the purple and grey colors for the photo booth.  My stepdaughter, Sara, helped with the photo booth and did a great job.

grey and purple photo booth backdrop

Grey and purple photo booth backdrop

Although we were hired to run for four hours, the DJ came to us on numerous occasions and asked us to shut down for dinner, for the bridal dance, for the garter toss, and bouquet toss.  Unfortunately, although we were hired for four hours, we actually ran closer to two hours based upon the instructions of the DJ.  I don’t completely blame the DJ.  The house manager also told us we would be shut down for the dinner hour.  When I told her that we traditionally keep running through dinner because people will come take pictures, she indicated that we would be shut down.

I always learn something new with every job we do.  The next time a DJ or house manager try to dictate our hours, I will ask them to get approval from the person who paid for our services.  I think some DJs believe we take the guest’s focus off them and I don’t think they like that very much.

photo booth pictures saguaro buttes

Nevertheless, we got a lot of great pictures and Lindsey was a beautiful bride.  My favorite part of the night was watching her smile and laugh.  Every time I look at her smiling pictures, I get a little smile, as well.


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