Jason and Leslie.Val Vista Lakes Country Club

I was thrilled when my daughter, Nicole, contacted me to let me know that her niece, Leslie, wanted to book our photo station for her wedding reception.  Since Leslie and I are sort of related (she is my son-in-law’s niece), I wanted to make an especially good impression.  964010_612629145416707_822992557_o

When met Leslie at the country club to look at where we could set up her photo station, I was immediately drawn to the wooden arch and spindle doors.  Okay, this was sort of the opening for guests to get to the ceremony, but the event planner also felt that the guests could go another way to get into the reception area.  Since sunflowers were in Leslie’s reception, she was okay with me putting flowers in the door spindles that would be part of the photo booth.  I placed the background behind the doors and the look was great, but more important — Leslie loved the pictures.

Val Vista Lakes photo booth picture

Bride and Groom

One thought on “Jason and Leslie.Val Vista Lakes Country Club

  1. You guys did such an amazing job, thank you again!! The background was perfect, and everyone enjoyed their pictures! I love looking at all those photos, so many smiling faces!

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