Apache Trail High School Prom.Red Mountain Ranch Golf Club

When the Vice President of the student counsel for Apache Trail High School contacted me, she was so excited, but she had to speak with the student counsel teacher regarding the photo booth.  It took a while and a lot of contact, but Apache Trail High School hired Digital Expressions Photo Stations to have a photo booth at their high school prom at Red Mountain Ranch Country Club.  This was our second photo booth at Red Mountain Ranch.

Apache Trail High School Photo Booth picture.

Apache Trail High School Photo Booth picture.

I had seen some hanging circles at a venue one day and thought these would be fun to make.  I sent the idea to the school with the thought I would do the same thing, except I would use the school’s colors.  Apache Trail’s school colors are red, purple, and gold.  I went to Joanne’s Fabrics and bought 2-1/2 inch punches, then I purchased some glitter paper in different shades of red and purple.  I connected the circles with fishing line and used a fishing weight at the bottom of each row to weigh down each row. The effect was beautiful.  No two background pictures were the same because the circles would turn with movement.  I also ended up using the same background for a birthday party a few weeks later.

While I’m working the computer, one person in particular is getting her picture taken. She looks very familiar and it turns out that she goes to my Jazzercise class.  We just didn’t recognize each other with our clothes on.

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