Tim and Katy’s Reception.Pinnacle Vista Villa

Our second wedding reception at Pinnacle Vista Villa was for Tim and Katy.  We were at the venue about one month ago when we met a wedding photography couple who were looking at the venue.  We struck up a discussion and exchanged business cards.  About two weeks later, I got a call from Katy.  The photographers had given her our card.

Katy’s uncle made the frame for the background and I absolutely loved it.  All I had to do was tell everyone that if they’re in the frame, then they’re in the picture.  Katy also made signs that were set up throughout the reception.  She was nice enough to sell me the photo booth sign that is in all of the pictures.

Katy and Tim and their family in the photo booth frame.

Katy and Tim and their family in the photo booth frame.

Look to the left of the picture.  Every time I place this picture near our photo booths, I will be thanking Katy. Both brides so far have had a vintage theme at this venue, and I know the next bride will, as well.  Yes, we have another wedding booked for April 20th at Pinnacle Vista Villa.  I always make a little video as a gift for the brides of our favorite pictures through weddingwire.com.

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