Rob and Hilary’s Reception.Villa Siena

Rob and Hilary were married and had their reception at Villa Siena in Gilbert, Arizona.  Hilary hired Digital Expressions Photo Stations as a surprise for the groom, Rob.  As evidenced by the pictures, everyone had a great time at the photo booth.  When we went to Villa Siena a couple of months ago to see where we would set up, I was pleasantly surprised to see that Camille was Hilary’s new wedding coordinator.  Camille had just come from Stonebridge Manor and was the wedding coordinator for a wedding reception we had done in October.  Hilary’s colors were navy blue and bright pink.  I would normally have just done the bright pink backdrop, but I tried something different for her backdrop.  Since I had two different tones of bright pink, I placed the lighter pink on the inside and framed the outside of the photo booth with the darker pink.  Hilary loved the contrast of the pinks and was very excited.  As you can see, the pictures turned out really great.  So great, in fact, that when I showed this to another bride for a reception we are doing on March 2nd, she also wants the two-toned backdrop.

Rob and Hilary

Rob and Hilary

Rob’s grandmother used a walker and another guest was in a wheelchair so how wonderful that they were both able to have their picture taken.  Rob and Hilary now have those great memories.  I always post our favorite pictures on our Facebook page and website, as well.

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