Photo Booth Backdrops

I am always thinking of ways to make our photo booth business better.  When we first started out, we had a paper backdrop (ivory in color).  Each roll of paper is about $100.  Although we could get our paper in any color, $100 for each roll, no matter how many uses I could get from a roll, is expensive.  I began researching fabric backdrops.  Most of the blogs I read were how to use a muslin backdrop or stain a muslin backdrop.  The muslin was still expensive so I kept looking for other alternatives that were cost effective and would still give a good look to the pictures.

I discovered that the size of a king-size sheet fit perfectly on our backdrop frame and obviously, they come in bigger selection of colors.   I also liked the way the crinkles in the fabric made the pictures look because they gave a nice dimension to the pictures.  We did this for about six to nine months, but then I had another idea. 

Ideas come in various ways.  When I was watching the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills last year, I noticed that Kyle Richards had an open photo booth at her white party and I liked the way the backdrop hung.  (Yes, I have been trying to reach her so I can have our photo station at her party).  I now hang up two panels of fabric where there would have been one because it adds a very nice dimension to the backdrop.  The fabric hangs like a theater curtain.  One thing I also do is get the fabric wet before I hang it, which makes the fabric hang very nicely.

I am always looking for new ideas to make our business interesting and fun.  I also discovered Rit fabric dye.  One of our photo booth jobs had an Amazon theme and, of course, our clients wanted a green backdrop.  Because I didn’t have the green fabric in stock and I couldn’t find the fabric anywhere, I bought some Rit fabric dye and dyed some white sheets.  I loved loved loved how the color turned out.

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