Daniel and Selina.Stonebridge Manor

Daniel and Selina got married and had their reception on the south side of Stonebridge Manor in Mesa, Arizona.  The previous week, we had been hired to set up our photo station on the north side of Stonebridge in the tent.  Daniel and Selina decided to place us in the room just to the right of the staircase as you walk in.  The room was the perfect size for our photo station, as the guests were able to access the photo station from two directions.  The bride’s colors were dark purple and light grey so she chose the light grey backdrop for her pictures.  (see more pictures on our Facebook page)

Daniel and Selina

Daniel and Selina

I love the way the dark purple dresses looked against the light grey backdrop.  The groom’s suit was light grey and the groomsmen’s suits were a darker grey.  The colors were perfect for the photo station ShellyAnn’s Catering catered the event and their food was excellent.  We don’t normally eat at our jobs, but Shelly offered so we accepted.  The menu was baked chicken breast, salad, and rolls.  The bride’s and groom’s mothers had a lot of fun at the photo station and we had a lot of great compliments from everyone.  For the brides, I make a video of some of my favorite pictures from weddingwire.com.

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