Deidre Ramirez’s 18th Birthday Party

Deidre’s mother Patty, contacted Digital Expressions Open Photo Booths because she knew that our photo booth would be the perfect fit for her daughter’s birthday party, instead of a photo booth rental.  Deidre is the manager of the high school football team and a number of kids from the football team helped her celebrate her birthday.  Patty had us set up the photo station in the front room and chose a coral-colored backdrop for Deidre’s party.

Deidre and her friends

Look at this picture.  There is no way that all of these people could have fit into a photo booth rental.  All we had to do was widen the camera area.

When the group is smaller, when we make the camera area smaller.

Our daughter, Shannon, helped us with this job because a bride had also booked our photo station for her wedding reception at 6:00 p.m. that same night.

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