Photo Booth Pricing vs. Photo Station Pricing

Yes, the bridal season is upon us.  We have been so busy with calls and bookings.  Things sure have changed since I got married and so much to choose from.  One thing we try to do is save brides (and their families) money.  When my daughter got married, her photo station was $1,200 for five hours.  I then decided to do something I have not seen on other websites.  I thought I would post cost comparisons on our website.

Although I knew we were keeping our prices low and affordable for the bride and her family, I didn’t realize how low we actually were until I compared our prices with photo booths (that I could find).  In my opinion, if a company doesn’t post their prices, then their pricing is high.  My thought is post everything that a person needs to know and if they are interested, they will call

A client told me that when she first saw our prices, she thought, “They must not be that good because their prices are low.”  After I explained to her our mission statement, she understood and agreed with me that companies raise their prices just because brides will pay it.  It has been my experience that brides, and the general public, try to cut costs just like the rest of us.

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