Richard McKenzie’s Surprise 50th Birthday Party

Kellie McKenzie contacted Digital Expressions Photo Stations because she wanted something unique and different for her husband, Richard’s, surprise 50th birthday party.  I remember when she contacted us through our website, she asked if we traveled to Needles.  I had heard of Needles, California but I didn’t know where it was.  We negotiated a deal and drove to the Avi Resort and Casino in Laughlin on September 22nd.  Every single person at this party had a great time, as evidenced by the pictures.  In addition to our photo station, Kellie also hired a DJ.  Richard came in and we initiated him into the photo station by taking this picture.

Richard and Kellie

We offer free online access to all pictures taken so anyone who wanted to see all of the pictures provided us with their email address. Richard and Kellie have a great group of friends and family and we are especially pleased that Kellie chose Digital Expressions Photo Stations to celebrate Richard’s birthday party.

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