Jose Martin’s 12th Birthday Party

Jose’s mother, Kristine, contacted Digital Expressions to have a photo station at Jose’s 12th birthday party.  Kristine told me that she always does something big for Jose’s birthdays and this year, she wanted our photo station.  As you can see, it was a huge hit.  Red is Jose’s favorite color so Kristine chose a red backdrop for the photo station.

Jose is wearing the striped shirt, his mother is on the right side and his stepdad is in the middle.

Of course, there were a lot of kids there and they had a lot of fun.  It was three hours of constant picture-taking.  Our photo stations are a big hit with kids and they love our props.  For Jose’s birthday party, we had props that children would have fun with.  We provided Jose with a photo journal album that held 180 pictures.  Jose was right on top of making sure the photo album was filled up. Our daughter, Shannon, helped with the photo station.  This was her first time and she had a great time.

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