Michael and Sally

Michael and Sally were married at 10:00 a.m. at the Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints Church in Central, Arizona near Thatcher, Arizona.  There is a church right next to the Temple in Central, Arizona.  I had only spoken to Sally by phone in setting up this job and I had never been to Thatcher, Arizona, so I was looking forward to this job.  Thatcher is 148 miles from Phoenix and is 131 miles from Tucson.

Sally’s wedding colors were grey and purple and she wanted an eggplant-colored backdrop.  As you can see, this is a beautiful color for a backdrop.

The bride and groom at our photo station.

The children at this wedding reception were some of the most well-mannered children who have ever participated in our photo station.  They were respectful of the adults.  If adults were in line to get their picture taken and had not had their picture taken, the children waited their turn for more pictures.  Of course, it seems like children love the props more than the adults.Our photo stations are perfect for the elderly, as they can easily get in and out of the photo station area because there are no walls to inhibit their movement.  Below is a picture of the groom’s grandparents.  The groom’s grandfather used a walker and said he couldn’t stand for long.  The first picture was taken while he was sitting on his walker and the second picture was taken standing next to the walker.  If there was a standard photo booth, the grandparents would not have been able to participate in the photo station because they wouldn’t have fit.  Now, the bride and groom have pictures of the grandparents, as well.

The groom’s grandparents in our photo station.

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