Bob Hafer’s 80th Birthday Party

Digital Expressions Photo Stations was hired by Gail and Dwight Law to help celebrate Bob Hafer’s surprise 80th birthday party that was held at Mazatzal Hotel & Casino in Payson. We went to Payson about a few weeks prior to the event and met with Sue Dolan, the event coordinator at Mazatzal Hotel & Casino.  She spent a lot of time with us, showing us the area where we would be set up, as well as educating us about the history of the Tonto Apache Indian Tribe in Payson.  (For more information on the Tonto Apache Indian Tribe, visit  We had so much fun at Bob’s birthday party and his friends and family were extremely nice.  Here is a picture of how the room looked. 

Gail and Dwight hired Digital Expressions Photo Stations because they knew most of the guests at Bob’s birthday party would be elderly.  Our photo station made it wasy for all of the guests to get in and out of the photo area with ease.  In addition, Sue and Gail added a few props to the photo station area that I just loved.  Since the majority of the guests were elderly and some had canes, having the bench in the photo station allowed the elderly guests to get in and out of the photo area easily.  A traditional photo booth would not have worked because they would not have wanted to try and maneuver in and out of a booth with walls.  The birthday party was also a little family reunion, as a lot of the family members were able to reconnect with each other.

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