Fabric Backdrops vs. Paper Backdrops

When we first started our photo station business, we purchased two different sizes of paper for our backdrop, but so far, we have only used the ten-foot paper backdrop.  We learned that two things can happen with a paper backdrop:

1.  One night it was windy and although we had sandbags to hold down the backdrop, the paper kept tearing.

2.  One night the air was pretty humid so it was difficult to roll up the paper.

I started doing research on fabric backdrops because I thought the color might add a little “pop” to the pictures, and boy, was I right.  The first time we used the color backdrop was at the Phoenix Bridal Show.  We used a teal-colored backdrop for the first day of the show and a tangerine-colored backdrop for the second day of the show. 

I was right.  The colored backdrops not only make the pictures pop, but with the wrinkles in the fabric, this added dimension to the pictures that weren’t there with the plain paper backdrops.

We still have the paper, but we also have fabric that is the color of the paper.  I also think that having the fabric backdrops is more “green,” as we only have to wash the fabric and can reuse it.  With the paper, we have to throw it away, which, to me, is a waste.

See the difference with the neutral color versus the color:

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