Photo Station Instead of Photo Booth?

When we first started our business, we were marketing it as a photo station business, but then people kept asking us what a photo station was.  Since most people know what a photo booth rental is, I began marketing our business as a photo booth.  However, I was still keenly aware that we really weren't a photo booth company because there are no walls to inhibit the number of people in a picture and I wanted to make a differentiation between our company and photo booths.  When I spoke with a photographer, he referred to us as an "open air photo booth" company and I thought, hmmm.  That sounds about right.  While my husband kept calling it a photo station and I began marketing our business as a open air photo booth, I was still annoying myself because I kept transforming the business.  I knew that I wanted to market it as a photo station but everyone knows what a photo booth is -- especially brides.

 I am now back to marketing our business as a photo station because that is what it is.  I know that when I think of a “booth,” I picture something with walls.  Since our photo station has no walls, are we really a booth?  No, we’re not. We are Digital Expressions Photo Stations and that’s how it will remain.  Now, it is up to me to get the word photo stations out so that people will know what we are.

3 thoughts on “Photo Station Instead of Photo Booth?

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