Jeff and Chanel.Hotel St. Michael, Prescott

On June 2, 2012, we did a job at the Hotel St. Michael in Prescott, Arizona.  Chanel, the bride, told me later that she chose Digital Expressions because we were the first (and fastest) company to respond to her inquiry.  Chanel did all of her planning from Los Angeles, where she lives.  When she told me that she didn’t want to use a backdrop and she wanted the reception to be the backdrop, and she wanted an open photo booth.  I thought that was an interesting concept.  One afternoon, we drove to Prescott to check out the venue and just fell in love with the hotel.  I am a person who loves history and this hotel has a lot of history.

Jeff and Chanel were a lot of fun and just make the cutest couple.  The toasts made by their friends and family showed us just how much these two are loved and respected.

Wedding reception, with the reception as the backdrop.

The staff at the Hotel St. Michael and the event planner, were incredibly helpful.  When we had first checked out the venue, we had an idea of where we would set up, but then plans had changed and we just adjusted.

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