Tyler and Ashley.McCormick Ranch Golf Club

On April 21, 2012, we were hired to set up our photo station at McCormick Ranch Golf Club for the Ashley/Tyler wedding.  We were originally going to set up outside and I was excited to put Camelback Mountain and the golf course as the backdrop for the short period of time that we would have sunlight.  When we got there, plans had changed because of the heat — and it was hot outside.  They placed us in a corner of the reception area and we just let people take pictures.  The only thing I didn’t like about these pictures is the can light that was directly on top of the guests getting their pictures taken, but the guests kept telling me that they loved the pictures and I have to admit – the can light added a nice touch.  The bottom line is the guests had fun and I got the nicest thank you letter from the mother of the bride, who hired us.

The bride on her wedding day.


Wherever we set up our photo station, there is a line of people wanting to get their picture taken.  The only breaks tend to be during the bride/ groom toasts, dinner, and cutting the cake. In this case, because we were in the same room as the dancing, cake cutting, toast, and DJ, we had a pretty steady stream of guests getting their picture taken. We were able to work with Thee Wedding Warehouse for the first time and they were fabulous.  It is important to have good communication with the wedding planner.

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