Ashley Dalzell.Rehearsal Dinner

When I was contacted by Ashley to do her rehearsal dinner, I was eager to do something a little different.  The dinner was in her backyard in Paradise Valley and I have never been at a home so grand.  Her wedding was a country western theme so we added props for the photo station that also had a country western theme.

I remember when Ashley told me she wanted an orange backdrop and that she would get it on her own.  I was happy to do it, but she had a vision.  My first thought was “orange?”  Guess what?  It worked.  She also had an idea that we had never done before — she wanted a second wall so we would be hidden and the guests would only see the camera and props. 

We aim to please so we added a second backdrop to give the illusion of a larger, but closed in booth.  I ended up buying more fabric in other colors in the event others want a second wall.

They also had a large cutout of a friend of the bride and groom that was placed in some of the pictures.  This was a really fun night.

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