Matt and Abbee.Vistal Golf Club

I have to admit that I love doing wedding receptions.  Everyone is dressed up and brides are so beautiful.  I am so appreciative when we have positive feedback from our clients because it just affirms what we do and and why we do it.  It seems that most of our weddings have taken place at golf courses.  For this wedding and reception was on New Year’s Eve at Vistal Golf Club.  The wedding was at dusk and was just beautiful.

What was neat about this wedding is, Vistal is in the foothills of South Mountain and we could see the fireworks in the Valley.

It was great meeting Matt and Abbee and we were especially grateful that we were able to help make their wedding reception memorable.  As you can see, good times were had by all.

2 thoughts on “Matt and Abbee.Vistal Golf Club

  1. Digital Expressions was amazing!!! Everyone talked about how neat the photo set up was and all the props! The pictures turned out great!! And we got a wonderful photo guest book to remember it all. Loved it!!!

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