Mark and Jackie.Regency Garden, Mesa

Jackie hired us to have a photo station at her wedding at Regency Garden in Mesa.  Of course, my husband loved it because they played Michael Buble all night long.  Yes, I have become a fan, as well.  We were originally going to be set up inside the reception hall, but in the corner, but because the guest list got a little bigger, we were then going to be in a hallway.  When we got there to set up, the event coordinator asked us how we felt about being outside, and that was fine with us.  Our only concern was it was supposed to rain that night.  We set up in an area on the outside patio where people would see us when they walked in so we would catch them for a picture.

The backdrop for this reception was also paper and since we were set up on the back patio where there were a lot of trees, there was nothing we could do about the branch that was in all of the pictures. 

In this picture, we used a dry erase board, but since the writing didn’t always show up the way I wanted it to, we have since changed to a chalkboard.

Since this wedding reception, we were hired to do Merisa’s wedding reception.  Merisa was at Jackie’s wedding.

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