AJ and Leslie.Red Mountain Ranch

About half the time, the mother of the bride contacts us and inquires about our business.  In this case, the mother of the groom contacted us.  We promptly met her and the bride’s mother at Red Mountain Ranch to look at the venue.  They liked us immediately and signed the contract right away. 

The bride’s colors were red and black and unfortunately, this was prior to us using cloth backdrops, or else I could have used a red or black backdrop.  Both the wedding and reception were held at Red Mountain Ranch.  The cocktail hour was outside on the balcony and at dusk, the view of the sunset and Red Mountain was spectacular.   I like it when we are set up right outside of the reception area.  If I have to answer a question, it isn’t too loud.

It was nice to see the mother of the bride and mother of the groom working together to put together the best wedding and reception.

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