Karsten and Tara.Phoenix Museum of Art

Loved loved loved this venue.  I had never realized until this wedding that art museums are available for weddings and receptions.  This venue was absolutely beautiful and there was so much security because of the paintings.  The wedding was held outside and then it was brought into the museum.

The bride didn’t want us to put watermarks on the photographs because she had purchased frames with their names on it as the favors. 

The bride was a Marine Corp nurse so I didn’t have a chance to meet her before the wedding, but we were able to communicate by email.  I say was because I’m not sure if she is still in the Marines.

I love listening to toasts made by family members and friends to the bride and groom because this gives me a little insight into the parties.  With this couple, and having worked with the bride’s mother, I knew this was a marriage that would last forever.

Thank you, Tara, for serving our country.

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