Marvin and Lupe.Manor House, Safford

Marvin and Lupe both live in Morenci and had their wedding reception in Safford, Arizona at the Manor House.  Their wedding colors were purple and coral so Digital Expressions Photo Booths incorporated their colors into their backdrop.  The banquet room was also large enough for 200 guests so while we were in one corner, all of the guests could see what everyone else was doing.  There was a constant line of guests and we were able to use our new Facebook and Instagram props, which were both huge hits.  I watched Marvin and Lupe when the photo booth was a little slow and these two people were having so much fun and laughing all night long.  Love how great the pictures turned out.

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Photo Booth Rental in Phoenix



Connie Valadez’s 50th Birthday

Connie’s 50th birthday party was quite a grand event at Estrella Vista Reception Center.  Connie’s birthday party had a masquerade theme and the colors of her party were black, red, and bling.  Connie was beautiful in her red gown and I loved all of her pictures.  She always had a smile on her face and we got a lot of candid photos of her.  This was our second event at Estrella Vista and we were set up in the same place both times.  The owners of Estrella Vista were very accommodating.  At one point, they moved one table over for us so we could increase the size of the photo booth and the booth was perfect.  Digital Expressions Photo Booths prides ourselves in our customized backdrops, that sets us apart from all other photo booth companies.


Chris and Mina.Regency Garden

Mina’s mother was at a wedding where Digital Expressions Photo Booths was a vendor.  She had such a great experience that she wanted the same fun at her daughter, Mina’s wedding.  This was our fourth wedding at Regency Garden and we are hoping that we can now become a preferred vendor.  We were set up by the front doors, which is a perfect spot when the wedding is small – plus we don’t have to deal with the weather.  The table cloths were burlap so we chose a burlap and lace backdrop.  I changed it a bit from the other two weddings that had had burlap and lace so I could show the variety.

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Carly and Madi’s Graduation Party

We had such a fun time at Carly and Madi’s graduation party.  They graduated from Corona Del Sol and their mothers really wanted something that would make their graduation party stand out.  From all the comments we heard, their mothers got it right.  A lot of their friends had photo booths for their graduation parties, but this graduation party was the only one that had their school’s colors for the photo booth background.  Congratulations, Carly and Madi, on the next phase of your life!

photo booth backgrounds
photo booth for graduation


Vista Grande High School Prom 2014

When Digital Expressions Photo Booths was hired for Vista Grande High School’s 2014 prom, we were very excited.  The theme was Escape to India and because I like to customize backdrops for events, I knew this backdrop was going to be more detailed than I had ever done  before (with the exception of the Lululemon kissing booth I made at Christmas).  After looking at different ideas, we finally selected the ideal backdrop for the prom.  I had everything I needed for the backdrop and what was especially cool was I was able to use the lights that I had purchased for our Christmas family photo shoot — and they are seen in the picture taken with my Galaxy S5.

indian photo booth backdrop Vista Grande Prom-131








I really like working jobs with kids who are polite and these kids were no exception.  With 350 people for two hours, not everyone was able to get their picture taken, but the ones that had had their pictures taken before let the ones who had not yet had their pictures taken yet.  From what I understand, the photographer has a photo booth but no attendants.  Her backdrop is white and the kids would be able to upload their pictures the next day (probably at a price).  With our booth, everyone got pictures and we printed about 450 pictures in two hours.  I don’t know — white backdrop or ours?  I think there is no choice.






Eddie and Lindsey.Saguaro Buttes Community Church

I remember when Lindsey’s mother hired Digital Expressions Photo Booths for Lindsey and Eddie’s wedding.  She was so excited.  I love the purple and grey colors for the photo booth.  My stepdaughter, Sara, helped with the photo booth and did a great job.

grey and purple photo booth backdrop

Grey and purple photo booth backdrop

Although we were hired to run for four hours, the DJ came to us on numerous occasions and asked us to shut down for dinner, for the bridal dance, for the garter toss, and bouquet toss.  Unfortunately, although we were hired for four hours, we actually ran closer to two hours based upon the instructions of the DJ.  I don’t completely blame the DJ.  The house manager also told us we would be shut down for the dinner hour.  When I told her that we traditionally keep running through dinner because people will come take pictures, she indicated that we would be shut down.

I always learn something new with every job we do.  The next time a DJ or house manager try to dictate our hours, I will ask them to get approval from the person who paid for our services.  I think some DJs believe we take the guest’s focus off them and I don’t think they like that very much.

photo booth pictures saguaro buttes

Nevertheless, we got a lot of great pictures and Lindsey was a beautiful bride.  My favorite part of the night was watching her smile and laugh.  Every time I look at her smiling pictures, I get a little smile, as well.


Nick and Nikki.The Farm at South Mountain

Nikki hired Digital Expressions Photo Booths in the summer of 2013.  I remember when we first met at The Farm, my thought was the wedding was quite far away.  At first, Nikki just wanted to use the natural background of The Farm, but when I showed her the burlap and lace backdrop, she fell in love with it.

Nick and Nikki are a beautiful couple and you can tell by the pictures that they are fun.  There were not going to be any kids at this reception so I felt comfortable with pulling out the AK-47 props.  Those and the Viking helmets are usually the most popular.  The event coordinator mentioned that our photo booth was the favorite of the guests for the evening.  I like to think that what our photo booths do is enhance the event  I believe the guests will be talking about how awesome the photo booth was for a very long time.

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