Ritesh and Mahesha.Orange Tree Golf Course

I have known Mahesha for most of her life and when she asked Digital Expressions Photo Booths to be the photo booth at her wedding reception, I was more than happy to do it.  We chose a beautiful gold backdrop for her pictures and the pictures were stunning.  What also made this wedding reception special for me was my oldest daughter was in the wedding and looked beautiful in a sari.  Mahesha looked beautiful and it was also great to see all of her friends that I have known for many years.

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TIA Off the Road Tire Conference

The Tire Industry Association had their Off the Road Conference at Westin La Paloma.  We were set up at the beginning of the conference when the guests would arrive.  The background was a green screen with the Off the Road Conference as the background.  Almost all of the people checking in were men and most of the men wanted to wait until their wives got their to get their pictures taken, some of whom were laying by the pool because of the beautiful weather.  For others, it took little coaxing, but when they saw the Viking helmet, a picture was taken.  This was our second visit to Westin La Paloma.  This time, we were set up in the lobby.  When we weren’t busy taking pictures, it was nice getting to know the ladies checking in the guests.

Almost all of the guests were from other parts of the country.  We met people from Moscow and Canada, as well.  The Tucson weather was beautiful and the guests from back east took advantage of being out of the snow and ice.

Tire Industry-012

Katie’s Sweet 16

photo booth rental birthday

Katie’s Sweet 16 party was held at Noah’s in Chandler.  We were excited about this venue because Digital Expressions Photo Booths has upcoming weddings at this venue, so it was good to see the layout of the venue.  Katie’s birthday party was small and the kids had a great time.   Digital Expressions Photo Booths does a lot of parties with teenagers and I have to say that these kids were some of the best well-behaved we have ever worked with.  While some kids throw the props on the floor and stand on them, these kids were respectful of the photo booth rental attendants and everyone had fun.  The girls in the bottom picture jumped up and down until they had the picture they wanted.

photo booth rental for birthday

TJ and Amanda.Orange Tree Golf Club

Digital Expressions Photo Booths met TJ and Amanda at one of Orange Tree Golf Club’s bridal open house.  Amanda’s wedding colors were silver and purple so she chose a platinum purple for the backdrop for her photo booth.  We were set up in the lobby just outside the ballroom, which was a perfect place for the photo booth rental.  The guests had to walk by us to go outside and smoke a cigarette or use the restroom and at the same time, we are not a distraction when the bride and groom have their first dance, toasts, cutting the cake, etc.

Amanda, TJ, and their guests had a lot of fun at our photo booth and the pictures show how much fun everyone had.  Our photo booths are also perfect for the elderly, who don’t want to squeeze into a photo booth with walls.

TJ and Amanda-134


Sean and Danalee Wedding Reception

Sean and Danalee’s wedding reception was held at Secret Garden in Mesa.  This is the first time we utilized a frame overlay on the pictures and they sure turned out well.  For this event, we set up our photo booth outside near the cocktail hour.  Of course, this is the perfect place to set up because we are typically not there for the entire night and in this way, we can pack up without distraction.

Danalee and Sean-076

The bride and groom took this picture so they can put copies in their thank-you notes.  Digital Expressions Photo Booths partnered with Gold Ring Entertainment for this reception.  Gold Ring Entertainment is the premier DJ Company in Phoenix and they’re very good.  While Greg works the board for the music, Gina engages the guests and keeps them busy.

New Year’s Eve Photo Booth

photo booth rental in phoenix

It doesn’t matter how many times we’re there, Digital Expressions Photo Booths has a great time at Union Public House in Tucson.  We have been their photo booth rental company for three years in a row for Halloween and New Year’s Eve.  This New Year’s Eve, it snowed and rained so we had to implement our backup plan and we set up at the entrance.  I was fortunate to have brought my heater fan and positioned myself below a heater.  Tucson is notorious for being colder than Phoenix and I made sure I bundled up.  It was quite cold, though — cold enough that it had started snowing and the wind didn’t help much.  That being said, the guests and employees of Union Public House had an amazing time.  It was fun to watch them run out, take pictures and wait for their pictures, and then run back into the bar to warm up.

photo booth rental in phoenix

Henry and Horne Holiday Party.12-6-2014

Henry and Horne are loyal clients to Digital Expressions Photo Booths and the employees request our photo booth every year.  This was our third event and this year it was at the Phoenix Zoo during Zoolights.  The theme for the holiday party this year was Polar Express so we used gold and silver garland into the background.  The flashes from the camera lights up the garland and enhanced the background and pictures.  Going in and out of the Phoenix Zoo was quite interesting.  We needed an escort in and out of the zoo so for future events, we know to give ourselves extra time to get in and out.alt=photo booth rental